Friday, August 8, 2008

The Beginning of ?

Well, I am now on the beginning of my journey. It is hard to describe where I have been, but I am ready to leave. Many different facets to that comment. But it is now time to become self actualized. **POOF** Wouldn't that be nice if it could happen that quick. This will be a journey of will of determination of focus and darnit, just fun and laughter. This is my time to live my life and live the way I want to live it, screw everyone else, well not everyone else I guess. I am sounding a bit lofty, but I do intend a great deal. This will be the new me. I am done and ready to live. Too much of this society is handed to us in a way we can just sit in our rooms and watch things go by and watch others live the lives we would like to have. Well no longer, I want to live it and plus other people aren't doing it right! This is it people. Who knows, you might be reading this and some day be thinking oh my goodness so, this is how the first president of the WORLD started, and sidenote, FEMALE president of the world! Love it!! My first endeavor on this journey is to pick up a camera. I am going to start journaling this journey of mine for myself and all of you out there. Nothing racy or crazy, just the truth. My other part of this journey will be marking what I realize about myself, who I truly am, and marking my steps in discovering this. Whew, wow, this is quite a little goal for myself, exciting and scary all at the same time. It can't be any worse from what has been before this. So lets move on out! Oh maybe a pic to start out with? Ok.

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